Just keep your dog biscuits

Reading-glassesLucy the Golden Retriever ate not one, but two, $400 Palm Trio cell phones (back when they cost that much). But her favorite forbidden fruit is reading glasses (dirty underpants don’t count). I drop a pair about twice a week and Lucy scoops ’em up and heads for her spot under the bed. I only pay about $8 for a pair of cheap readers online but we worry about here swallowing glass or a sharp piece of plastic. Yeah, I know… I could wear one of those little cords around my neck that are so popular with librarians. Naw.

2 thoughts on “Just keep your dog biscuits

  1. Hey now Steve! All the librarians I work with don’t wear chains on their glasses. Little bit of stereotyping?
    kidding aside, it’s too bad you can get a custom made dog biscuit that looks like your glasses.
    Goldens are so mischievous! My boyhood dog was a golden and he would get into anything and everything.

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