5 thoughts on “Speer Drive: Icy Road of Death

  1. Not only were you holding a camera in that madness the video makes it look like you were headed down that hill at about 60 mph . . . I hope your insurance company doesn’t get ahold of this! Ha

  2. Speer Drive? Doesn’t that intersect with Himmler Highway?
    This sort of thing is why I either ride my bike or take the bus, a viable option for me but not for you. There’s nothing worse than hanging upside down in your seatbelt. Be careful.

  3. Trish:
    Like the Snake River Canyon Rocket Jump… one does not practice this maneuver. It is a spur-of-the-moment improvisation when you realize you’re out of control and heading for the pond. The 2nd time is less blood-curdling.

  4. Are we to presume you have practiced this wheel hooking maneuver? I believe daily white-knuckling is good for the blood pressure.

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