Are cell phone holsters for losers?

There are two ladies in the Learfield IT department. Not only are they smart and talented, they’re hip and attractive. So when they told me my new iPhone belt holster would mark me as a nerdy lamer, I was dismayed. All my Mac buddies keep their iPhone proudly strapped on their hips like 3G Glocks.

I tried carrying it in my pocket but when driving in the car it is almost impossible to get it out to answer/make a call. They even sent me a link to this Budweiser Men of Genius spot.

I know there are several iPhone users reading this blog so I put it to you… how do you carry?

9 thoughts on “Are cell phone holsters for losers?

  1. The people I know who have iPhones don’t use holsters or pockets. They constantly have the damn thing in their hands showing me how much better their phone is than my own.
    I personally don’t think holsters are nerdy. They fall into the same category as Joey Buttafuco’s hair. Unneccesary, and slightly disturbing.

  2. Well, first things first. You sometimes wear high-top sneakers with your blog’s domain name stitched on them. So an iPhone case is not going to do much more damage.
    But k is right. You should leave it in your pocket (preferably without a case that makes it impossible to fish out). And you have to take it out of the pocket when you get in the car. Because if you have it in your pocket, it’s nearly impossible to send text messages while you’re driving.
    Take the case back immediately for a refund, and spend the money on applications.

  3. The IT ladies are correct…carrying around an iPhone in a holster is nerdy. They made them small so they can fit in your pocket…carry accordingly…

  4. I’ll be even more impressed if you have your digital camera in a holster on your other hip. Oh wait, you probably don’t have to carry a digital camera any more. Never mind.

  5. Just be yourself.
    However, the only thing dorkier is wearing it next to another phone holster and a beeper.
    Hey, maybe if you chained it to your belt it might cool you up a little.

  6. Have pride in your nerd-dom – the holster sounds like the “plastic pocket protector” of old.

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