Indoor dog park

Indoor-dogpark2You’ve heard of dog parks? Places you can safely take your pup to run free and play with other dogs. In the frozen tundra that is Madison, Wisconsin, they have indoor dog parks. Bob is taking his dog Dusty next week and reports the place has a webcam so you can watch Fido sniff Sparky’s butt. Note the plastic floor for easy clean-up. Looks like an industrial strength pooper-scooper and a big bucket next to the door. And don’t miss the beat up old couch in the corner. Are there 3 or 4 dogs on that thing?

During the brief time I watched, the yellow lab and the golden retriever were having a great time.

I’d love to have a facility like this for Ripley and Lucy.

PS: Yoga students will note the near-perfect example of Downward Facing Dog.

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