Far from the Eastern Front


A  rag-tag group calling themselves the National Socialist Movement were in town last weekend. Missourinet reporter Steve Walsh covered the brief march and rally on the steps of the State Capitol. This is my favorite photo from those he snapped.

Are the two young girls at the lectern singing? Perhaps America the Beautiful? Or some German beer hall song? Could they be making a speech? ("What the Neo-Nazi movement means to my junior high class")

How fucked up will the little boy (seated) be as he gets older. Mom thinks she’s doing him a favor, teaching him to hate.

Some are holding their hands over their hearts, others giving the old Heil Hitler stiff arm. But, shit, there was no time to rehearse and it was cold and… fuck it, we’ll just look tough in our SWAT gear.

6 thoughts on “Far from the Eastern Front

  1. I’m guessing a Google search would take one to the NSM site. Not that I’m about to try.

  2. “What is so universally objectionable out this information that it deserves to be blocked out?”
    Reply to K:
    I don’t know that Neo-Nazis and the ideas they espouse are “universally” objectionable. They are objectionable to smays.com … so he blurred the contact info rather than give them a free plug.
    I did err, however, in posting that same photo –without thinking– to the Missourinet blog. THAT is unacceptable censorship that the network does not condone. The people in our newsroom were unaware of my error and it has been corrected.
    smays.com (the blog) is not an objective news site. It is very SUBJECTIVE, in fact. So, Nazis=bad.

  3. I’m interested in the fact that someone blurred out what presumeably is information about how to find out more about the Nazis. Isn’t this constraining free expression?
    Here’s the question: what other sort of controversial information would one have permitted to show through? What is so universally objectionable out this information that it deserves to be blocked out?

  4. Photo caption: A group of National Socialists gather on the Capitol steps to promote their new fitness video, Naz-ercise.
    Alternate Nazi humor: What do you get when you cross the Nazis’ Capitol-steps rally with a Ted Knight sitcom? Too Close for Mein Kampfort

  5. I was listening to a local news/talk radio station and the darling of morning talk radio told how he really felt about the NSM (aka ‘the Nazis”) and it wasn’t pretty. He expressed no love. As a matter of fact, it was hate. So tell me again, who am I suppose to hate? The haters, or the hate-haters? It’s peculiar to see how much hate is evoked from those protesting against the haters. We’re living in the land of confusion.

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