Crossing the mobile Rubicon

Lisa-att200It’s done. After a little agonizing and a little nagging, I bought an iPhone. Lisa, the AT&T rep couldn’t believe I didn’t have a mobile number I wanted to keep. She spoke very slowly as she asked me if I had an iTunes account and explained that Safari would be my browser.

Chuck came in while Lisa was showing me how to turn the iPhone on and off. He’s a serious road warrior who is giving up his beloved Blackberry for the iPhone. We are similarly motivated: our clients –and the world– are increasingly mobile. I need to be there and the iPhone is the state of the art.

Obviously, I’ll chronicle my mobile journey here in coming weeks and months.

5 thoughts on “Crossing the mobile Rubicon

  1. Good for you Steve! I love my iPhone and would like to recommend the following apps. I can’t live without ANY of these…seriously…
    1. Twitterrific
    2. Easy Writer
    3. Homeland Security Advisory System
    4. Fake Calls
    5. KPCC Radio
    6. Pandora
    7. FlyCast
    8. Lightsaber (trust me on this)
    9. Run Keeper
    10. Flashlight
    11. Tap Tap Revenge
    12. Big oven
    13. Four Track
    14. Trace
    15. iTalk
    16. Facebook

  2. If I dial your number now, will you answer? Adios, TracFone. Good riddance.
    I love the pic of you and Chuck.

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