Tulsa Bound

Off the grid for a few days starting Friday. Heading down to Tulsa for family time with Brother Blane. My nephew Ryan will be home from Union University (Jackson, TN) where he’s a freshman. Ryan and his brother and sister grew up in Indonesia and were home schooled. I’m eager to hear his thoughts on college life. If his Facebook page is any indication, he’s having a great time.

I’m not taking the MacBook on this trip so the blog will be dark for a few days (unless Ryan takes pity on me).

One thought on “Tulsa Bound

  1. With everyone seeming to be in election mode, I assume you’ve taken a vote on whether or not you are allowed to go off grid for a few days. While I would cast a “no” vote, I will succumb and pout until smays returns from Tulsa.

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