Cuddling new MacBook Pro

I had every intention of staying offline this weekend. I even left the MacBook back in t Jeff City. But it’s 7:30 a.m. here in Tulsa, Blane and the kids are still asleep, Tonya is making breakfast and Ryan’s laptop is just sitting here. Connected to the Net. Practically begging me to take a spin.

This is Ryan’s first trip home (as in temporary U.S. home) from college (he’s a freshman at Union University in Jackson,TN) and I get to be part of it. Blane and I will take him back to school today, so lots of quality car time.

Yesterday we hit the mall and –lo and behold– found ourselves walking past the Apple store. So we popped in get Tonya an accessory for her new iPod and I got to fondle the new MacBook Pro. I ordered mine online, sight unseen and it’s somewhere between here and China.

I won’t bore you with my impressions. But if you find yourself near an Apple store, just pick up one of the new MacBooks. Hold it. Open and close the lid. Run your hands over it. That’s all I’m saying.

4 thoughts on “Cuddling new MacBook Pro

  1. wondered why you weren’t at the Coffee Zone Sat. But saw George’s itty-bitty machine.

  2. The new MBP left Alasaka Sunday afternoon. I’m thinking of driving up to Walla Walla and carjacking the FedEx guy.

  3. I’ll be the proud owner of one this week, or least LexBlog will be for our new lead engineer who starts this week.
    I may be addicted to the MacBook Air forever – I do little else than use it as a web appliance. When I get to video I may go to desktop machine so I can run a couple large monitors in the office.

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