Box Turtle

We see lots of adult Box Turtles in our neighborhood but rarely (never?) see the babies. Rick Thom –long time employee of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources– lives just down the hill from us and called a couple of days ago to report finding one of the little guys. Video runs 3 1/2 min.

2 thoughts on “Box Turtle

  1. An interesting postscript to this story: Shortly after the wild turkey attack, Rick Thom, unable to quell his increasing fears, invested a great deal of money outfitting himself with wild turkey hunting outfits, decoys, and paraphernalia. After 3 long years, he finally bagged his first wild turkey. Feeling empowered, but chagrined, Rick donated the turkey tail to his elementary school teacher sister-in-law (yours truly) for yearly display during the Thanksgiving holiday season and educational instruction for future generations. We’d like to think it is that very same wild turkey…

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