The photobooth is back

PhotoboothLast week I pointed to a book called American Photobooth, a new illustrated history of photo booths. Seems like photobooths are making a small comeback as a novel way to take photos of weddings.

You’ve probably been to a wedding where they leave disposable cameras on each table for guests to use and leave.

Barb attended a wedding/reception last weekend that featured a photobooth (a new digital one, I assume). Guests jam inside for group shots. I’m unclear on whether you get the pix on the spot or they mail them to you later. The former, I think.

Not sure why the photobooth sounds like more fun than the cameras on the table but it does.

One thought on “The photobooth is back

  1. When I was in Kansas City, MO a couple of weekends back, I noticed them at a couple of fairly upscale bars as well.

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