Missouri Reality Stars

One of the (perhaps THE) most important elements of a successful blog is focus. The narrower the better, and it really should be something you are passionate about. Missouri Reality Stars is a good example. From the About page:

“So I’ve been paying attention to pop culture for a long long time. I happened to notice that a lot of people on reality TV are from my home state…the Show Me State of Missouri. Apparently it really is. Being from the same state makes me feel like I should root for them, home team spirit ya know. So that’s what this site is about, finding and promoting Missourians who’ve made it on reality TV.”

M.R.S is the love child of co-worker Amy. Droll is the way she roll.

Speaking of co-workers who blog… it’s been a long time since I compiled a list. How about hitting the comment link and posting name and url of your blog (Learfielder’s only, please). If you can provide links to other Learfield bloggers, go ahead. I’ll remove duplicates and post.

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