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In an earlier post I wondered about some recent move affecting the radio station I worked at many years ago. Our friend Jeff pointed us to a post on a radio message board:   

"Eagle Bluff Enterprises has received FCC permission to move KOTC from Kennett, Missouri to Memphis, Tennessee.  KOTC (830 AM) signed on in July 1947 as KBOA.  KOTC went silent on 6-1-08.  The justification for the STA was "The station has been temporarily turned off pending format changes and equipment repairs".  After the move, KOTC will diplex its 10 KW signal from a tower shared with WHBQ, 560 AM, in Memphis."

When I worked at KBOA the frequency (a daytime clear channel) was 830. When consolidation hit there was a series of call letter/frequency shuffles I was never interested enough to try to sort out.

I think they moved the KBOA calls to a frequency (105.5) licensed to Piggott, Arkansas, but operating in Kennett, MO. The 830 freq was assigned some newer, local (Kennett) calls (KOTC).

The KBOA I knew and loved died long ago. And it was nice to read some kind words about KBOA830.com. Thanks to all.

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  1. I enjoy your site dedicated to the original KBOA 830AM Kennett, MO. I agree it is a shame the 830 frequency is silenced and may one day move to Memphis.
    We have spent a good number of years and a great amount of time trying to buy the station from Eagle Bluff Broadcasting. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet their price requirements.
    You should be aware that the KBOA call letters survive on both our Adult Standards 1540 AM and Magic 105 KBOA-FM. We have maintained the large KBOA original signage on the front of the studio building in Kennett. In fact, no other call letters are even indicated on the facade of the facility. I would also add that our operation is extremely localized and very involved in the region. We maintain the only regional news operation in the area headed by
    veteran Charles Isbell.
    106.5 KTMO is hosted by local LIVE long-time announcers daily. KCRV-AM is hosted LIVE by veteran Ed Delisle in its own studio building in Caruthersville, MO. KTMO also maintains a satellite studio in Dyersburg in which Steve James hosts his morning show.
    This past summer, we signed on a new Class A FM, KGLU 103.9. We have a studio located in Malden, MO with a local host for the morning show.
    All of our morning shows usually have local in-studio interviews with community leaders, local newscasts and audience participation contests. We cover the play-by-play of virtually every high school football and
    basketball game in a four county area. A weekend does not pass when we are not in our communities providing remote broadcasts at local events.
    I have to admit it becomes a little tiring when I read blogs such as the one indicated from “Bob” commenting about the great old days of radio and all of the local involvement stations such as KBOA once had. It should be reminded that 830 AM KBOA was a single daytime station operating some months less than 11 hours a day. It would be an easy task to be LIVE all hours with a daytimer and hopefully well involved in the community.
    On the other hand, we operate 7 radio stations in the same market and believe we are much more physically involved in our communities than at anytime in KBOA’s history. In fact, we are extremely proud of the commitment of our people and programming due to our exceptional local participation and involvement.
    Maybe it is time for an update on your site focusing on how a daytime radio station built in the late 40’s has blossomed into a 7 station group of very community-involved properties.
    Best personal regards,
    William Pollack, Pres.
    Pollack Broadcasting Co.

  2. Sorry to hear about KBOA. Did the calls stand for anything ie KREI Roberts Electronic Institute. What about KOTC? BTW Tom Colvin is working for our group, Good Radio, in Lebanon.

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