KBOA 830 no more?

I keep getting sketchy reports that the radio station where I worked 25 years ago, is no longer on the air. Not sure what that means since call letters and frequencies were scrambled and shuffled years ago.

The station that I worked at for a dozen years (and my father for many more than that) ceased to exist for me long ago. It was gutted during The Great Consolidation frenzy following deregulation.

Whatever this latest "news" is, it apparently wasn’t big enough to make the local paper. So, if anyone has details, drop me a line.

One thought on “KBOA 830 no more?

  1. I just returned from a trip to St. Louis and Blytheville, and noticed when I dialed up 830 to see if they were still Spainish, they weren’t there. I wondered what was up, so I googled ’em, and found this:
    http:/www.topix.com/forum/city/kennett-mo/TR6GQU9PFCOTS7IL9. Seems they’re gonna move it to MFS. The KBOA call letters have been used in Piggott, AR, since the “big change.”
    Sure glad we did “old school” radio, tho at different places, when and where we did.

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