Deadwood kidney stone scene

Back in 2005 I posted a link to a clip from the HBO series, Deadwood. In this episode Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) is sick as a dog from a kidney stone. So sick he cannot speak. Doc Cochran is about to surgically remove the stone (which could kill Al) but at the last minute, they opt to let Al try to pass the stone, with help from Johnny, Dan and Trixie.

Bonus clip: I’m thinking of putting this on my answering machine (6 seconds)

4 thoughts on “Deadwood kidney stone scene

  1. Loved this series. A very powerful scene and thanks to your clip I notice now powerful that closing shot – group hug – which kind of epitomizes “what passes for love” among this complement of unusual characters.
    Really like the bonus clip, too. Definitely an attention-getter for your answering machine.

  2. I’ve been watching the DVD’s, I’m in the middle of season 2.
    I’m enjoying the humor more the second time around….this was not humorous either time.

  3. I sat on the next table to Ian McShane many years ago in a trendy restaurant in London. He wasn’t as famous then as he is now, but was known for Emmanuelle. He’s a very fine actor these days.

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