Blogging: “A basic right of being in the media business”

The always-plugged-in Amy Gahran insists your blog is “Media Career Insurance” for journalists.

“Because in a professional environment where staying findable equals sustained opportunity and flexibility, search engines are a key arbiter of your career. The more findable and linkable you are, the more search engines will reward you. … And search engines really, really love blogs.”

“Having your own blog is media career insurance. It will serve as your “home base” where you establish your personal reputation, track record, abilities, interests, and aspirations.”

Ms. Gahran offer some tips for starting a blog. Read her post where she explains each:

  1. Get a good domain name.
  2. Map your domain to your site, so every page on your site bears your domain.
  3. Stick with your domain.
  4. Don’t work for anyone who won’t let you keep blogging.
  5. Join the conversation, and link back to yourself
  6. Keep your blog going even if you also blog elsewhere

I particularly liked: “Consider blogging a basic right of being in the media business.”

Most of the journalists I know and work with do not have a personal blog. I think most of them would insist they don’t have time to blog. A few don’t think it’s “appropriate” for a journalist to blog.

7 thoughts on “Blogging: “A basic right of being in the media business”

  1. Steve / Amy – I’m not going to get into this. My original response was my immediate reaction (albeit lightweight) to what I thought was lightweight advice.
    I have neither the temprement or patience to give a detailed explanation and if that upsets anyone, I apologise and if you like retract the comment. Those are my last words on the subject.

  2. Keith, Amy… I’m going to wait in the other room while you discuss this. Come get me when you’ve finished

  3. You haven’t started anything at all. I value your feedback. Keeps me honest and on my toes. And now I have the word “bollocks” on my blog!
    Which of bits of advice did you consider most “lightweight?” Just curious. Will help me re-set my compass.

  4. Sorry I didn’t want to start anything, but I thought her list of advice was just lightweight bollocks.
    You know the sort of thing – talk is cheap.

  5. RE: my tongue in my cheek
    Oh my, Keith. I have to confess I actually agree with nearly all of Ms. Gahran’s post. And I’m a bit fuzzy on which parts (all?) you considered bull poop.
    Did Ms. Gahran describe journos as “highly intelligent and highly motivated?” If that’s the rub, I agree that they are no more so than your average joe.
    I’ll go back for a closer read of her post.

  6. I’m glad you posted that tongue in cheek, because as I read, I thought “BULLSHIT”, rather like I did when I saw some recruitment dick on TV commenting on the mass job losses in the UK banking industry in the wave of your own.
    These people are highly intelligent and highly motivated. Well, I have to say that a lot of people I meet who are degree educated, I would not trust to correctly stick a stamp on an envelope and as for highly motivated – read GREED !

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