Spud Panzer

I like bumper cars and paint-ball looks like fun. Doesn’t Paint-Ball Bumper War sound like a whole greater than the sum of its parts?

Instead of hiding behind a row of old tractor tires, put those paint-ball warriors on roller skates and get ’em out on the figure-8 track. No (intentional) body contact but if you go down, you go sit out.

Golf_cartspotatogunAnd for the serious gamer, Spud Panzer. Golf carts mounted with potato guns. Two teams of three carts start on opposite end of golf cart (back nine?). A non-combatant fires a spud gun into the air and both teams race toward each other. If driver or gunner gets knocked out of the cart, they’re out. Every golfer that gets injured or suffers a heart attack costs you 10 points. Game lasts until cops arrive.