Smart Car

Let’s start with all the reasons I probably won’t buy this car:

  1. By the time I can get one I will have changed my mind
  2. It won’t make it up the hill to our house
  3. Barb won’t let me (for fear I’ll be squashed by big truck or SUV) . Crash test video
  4. Can’t get it serviced locally

There are probably more but those are all that come to mind.

Twofour_blackI figure if you’re going to go small and fuel-efficient, go really small. As for #3 above, the Smart features something called the protective “tridion safety cell”, to increase your chances of surviving a crash with a real car. It also has electronic stability program (esp®), anti-lock braking system (abs), and four airbags. The base Pure model comes standard with convenience features such as a 5-speed automated manual transmission with manual or automatic mode, central remote locking system, and a bunch of other stuff, including: “Lockable glove compartment” and “tire repair kit.” Cool. And a jack for the old iPod.

This little bugger starts at under $12,000 and –according to How Stuff Works— get 46 mpg in city driving and 68 mpg on the highway. And they have some clever TV ads. And I just think it looks cool. I think I might drive over to St. Louis tomorrow and take a test drive.

UPDATE: Just talked to Martha at the St. Louis dealer. Year-and-a-half wait. Damn.

One thought on “Smart Car

  1. Spent some time passing & repassing one of these in thick morning traffic on the interstate last week. Although I can see myself running local errands in one, I have to say, it looked VERY small and fragile out there in close quarters with the big and bigger boys. Philosophically not too different than riding a motorcycle with some weather protection. I kept trying to see under the little bugger hoping to catch a glimpse of Fred Flintstone’s feet.

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