No satellite or cable TV? No problem.

Our DirecTV works great until a heavy rain rolls in and blocks the signal. It’s called "rain fade" and you lose your signal a couple of minutes before the rain actually reaches earth.

That happened last night while we were watching the Democratic National Convention. It wa getting close to time for Obama to speak and, since we didn’t know how long it would last, I grabbed the MacBook and started streaming CNN’s live feed.

It was a little small and I didn’t bother to go full-screen because we were on the floor in the bedroom and could see it fine.

This has become so easy and mundane, it’s hardly worth mentioning. But that’s my point. Distribution is becoming –has become– a non-issue. In four years I have no doubt I would just swipe the iPhone and watch the speeh there.

Perhaps I’m still awestruck by this because I remember a time before color TV, cable, VCR, DVD, computers, web, etc.

2 thoughts on “No satellite or cable TV? No problem.

  1. I listened to it old school…on the radio…. of course I was on my way home from school.

  2. We got a phone call last night from friends in Boston who were feeling good after Obama’s acceptance speech. They fully expected us to be watching the live convention coverage and were surprised when we told them we had, in fact, been catching an episode of Dexter before hitting the sack.
    What I found interesting was that it did not even occur to us that we might miss something because we were not watching it live. We assumed (correctly) that anything worth seeing would be available at our convenience, not the convenience of the content providers. There was no gee-whiz about it. We watched the speech in bed on my laptop and went to sleep.

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