Latest news consumption survey

The latest Pew biennial news consumption survey is out and offers no big surprises. Two new (to me) terms caught my eye: Integrators and Net-Newsers:

"Integrators, who get the news from both traditional sources and the internet, are a more engaged, sophisticated and demographically sought-after audience segment than those who mostly rely on traditional news sources. Integrators share some characteristics with a smaller, younger, more internet savvy audience segment – Net-Newsers – who principally turn to the web for news, and largely eschew traditional sources."

I certainly think of myself as "engaged" and "sophisticated," but long to be "younger" and "savvy." Sigh.

These surveys often make no mention of radio. I was pleased to see that radio is hanging in, at least against TV.

"Notably, radio news also is an important element in Integrators’ news diet. Nearly half of Integrators (46%) listen to news on the radio during a typical day. While the internet is the main news source for Integrators during the course of the day, about as many in this segment rely on radio news as TV news during the day (32% radio vs. 36% TV news)."

The Big Question (assuming it is still up for question) is what happens when the Integrators have all gone to that Community Center In The Sky?

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