KETC tour of Missouri State Penitentiary

I took a tour of the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, before the inmates were moved to a new facility in 2004. KETC (St. Louis) producer Patrick Murphy took a tour and produced this excellent video.

By 1935, the penitentiary it was the largest prison in the United States with 5,000 inmates. I can’t explain my fascination with prisons, but as a result of my tour of the prison here in JC, I created

4 thoughts on “KETC tour of Missouri State Penitentiary

  1. To whom it may concern,My Grandfather Daniel Wrightsman was sentenced I’m told for armed robbery any where from 1030 to 1950.This is all my Grandmother said about him.If you have any way of getting prison records I would love to have a look.If not I have to imagine him walking in the places of the photo’s I’ve seen.It has brought me closer to a man I never met.

  2. Steve,
    You may want to check out my next 3 podcasts, from the Captial City Insider as I just spent the morning with Mark on a tour of the prison. Very cool, went in a couple of buildings and even the “death house”. Photos will be added to my page as well. Plus don’t forget Mark’s book on the prison. Somewhere in Time.

  3. I share your fascination with prisons. I regret I didn’t tour the prison when tours were open. This video was very well done. I especially liked that they stopped the music when going into the “death house” it was very respectful

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