Kerri Walsh’s ass

KerriwalshI’ve packed my little bag and said goodbye to Barb. As soon as I can come up with Kerri Walsh’s phone number I’m going to call her and have her come get me. We’ll tell people I’m her father (okay, her grandfather). I’ll be the one crouched by the net, ready to towel off my Goddess of Beach Volleyball.

Seriously, this is the only sport worth waiting in line for. I’d like to meet the person who came up with the idea of sponsoring the back of her bikini bottom. [Photo: Kerri (6’3″) hugging her teammate Misty May-Treanor (5’10”)]

4 thoughts on “Kerri Walsh’s ass

  1. Alright….5’10” isn’t enough?! Now we have to have the 6’3″ perfect volley babe hugging the 5’10” perfect volley babe? I think I speak for all bypass patients when I ask, “is there a bleacher and a bottle of water handy? I’m feeling a bit faint!”

  2. Is there room for me in that drum? Well, after you get out, of course. By the way, I understand “The Institute for Pathologists, Psychiatrists and Podiatrists” wanted to buy a sponsorship, but they’re waiting for me to start playing — so they can fit it on the “uniform.” Never mind, that creates a picture so ugly I can’t even stand it…

  3. I’ll begin each morning by dipping myself in a 50 gallon drum of 300 sun block.

  4. But, Steve, didn’t you post somewhere that you aren’t a “sand and sun” kind of guy? May good health keep you “looking” until you draw your last breath – aka “shop until you drop.”

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