Owl200I’m trying to be more aware. To see where I am and the beauty that surrounds me. Standing in the back yard, waiting for Lucy and Ripley to find that perfect spot, I spotted an owl in a big oak tree. A rarity.

I was struck by this guy/gal’s size. And when he blinked (do owls blink?), he looked… thoughtful. Very aware if his surroundings. Sorry the image isn’t better. Some shots are just beyond the little Casio.

2 thoughts on “Hoot

  1. Cool shot! I can’t quite make out what it is. If it was small and had ear tufts, then it is a Screech Owl. If it was medium sized with no ears, it is a Barred Owl.
    I suspect it was a Screech Owl because it has some reddish coloration. Very cool bird!

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