Big Time Blogger Hangs Up (spikes/clubs/gloves)

Every now and then a super-star blogger "retires" from blogging. Or threatens to. One of the more recent is Jason Calacanis. From his farewell post:

"Starting today all of my thoughts will be reserved for a new medium. Something smaller, something more intimate, and something very personal: an email list. Today the email list has about 600 members, I’m going to cut it off when it reaches 750. Frankly, that’s enough more than enough people to have a conversation with. I’m going to try and build a deeper relationship with fewer people–try to get back to my roots."

Huh. I think this is where I came in on the Internet movie. Yeah, I’d say 750 people might be enough to keep the old conversation ball in the air.

Chris Pirillo wonders if we’re getting "too big for our niches?"

"Perhaps it is time to step back and figure out what’s possible in this new landscape. Can we maintain conversation and community at a large scale without things devolving into chaos? Is beating the CNNs and CNETs at their own mass-market game what we really want, or do we need to go back to the idea of finding our niche?"

I don’t know anything about A-List bloggers but my buddy Chuck blogs (among other things) for a living and he and his wife work their asses off. I can see why someone might run out of steam if it all got too big.

I find blogging fun and relaxing. I know –or know of– many of the 250-300 people that visit here. Blogging for bucks? Not for me.

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