We wuz robbed!


As the days dwindle down to a precious few, Bill Clinton is bringing back fond memories of those early American Idol try-outs. You know the ones I mean. A large woman (seems like it was usually a woman) comes storming out of the audition room, pushing past Ryan Seacrest screaming, "Fuck Simon! Fuck him!" At least that’s what I assume she was screaming. Idol producers bleeped the audio and covered her mouth with a little "censored" sign so we couldn’t read her lips (Did she say "Freak you,Simon!? What does that mean?").

Maybe Hillary can be the Syesha Mercado of the primary contest. Go out with a little style. A little class.

I’m telling you, this will make one hell of a movie if and when someone good gets around to making it. Like, oh… how about Mike Nichols and Elaine May. Maybe get John Travolta to play Bill. You know who would be good as Hillary? That British actress… what’s her name? Emma Thompson! She’d be perfect.