The Cusp of Old Media and New Media

Following are some questions I had hoped to discuss with some twenty-somethings. We post them here for future reference and discussion.

  1. What is the most important skill necessary for a successful career?
  2. How many listen to a radio station every day? AM or FM?
  3. How many of you read a daily newspaper?
  4. How many watch a network newscast daily? Weekly? Ever?
  5. What is your primary source for news?
  6. How many watch an average of 2 hours of TV daily?
  7. How many have a digital camera? Mobile phone? iPhone?
  8. How many have a digital camera with you? Phone camera?
  9. How many of you have an iPod? How many songs?
  10. Flickr account? (Photo bucket? other?) How many images?
  11. Who has watched a video on YouTube? Posted video?
  12. Who has Facebook account? MySpace?
  13. Who has a blog? Who regularly reads a blog?
  14. Anybody know what Twitter is? Who has a Twitter page?
  15. Who knows what RSS is?
  16. Anybody here Googled themselves recently? Anything “out there” you would rather a prospective employer not see?
  17. Who has their resume and examples of your work online?

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