Stephen King’s Webcam


No matter which direction I point my office webcam, or the time of day or season, it surprises (and delights) me with tiny, empty moments in time. I got all creepy last time I posted on this so I won’t do that this time.

This is what my webcam sees, hour after hour. This particular image brings to mind a hospital room in the wee hours. The patient can’t sleep and listens to the awful sounds of a hospital floor. Now and then a nurse or orderly passes by. But mostly it’s the empty corridor. (shudder)

Man, I gotta aim that thing out the window.

One thought on “Stephen King’s Webcam

  1. Theres been a few times Sandra had to work late and I’ve been there with her and we walk by your office and I sprint back to my laptop to see if we made it on your webcam.
    We never have. But Sandra likes it like that.

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