Social Media in Plain English

Another "plain English" video from the folks at Common Craft. Previous installments in this series were dead-on. RSS, Blogging, Podcasting… all clearly explained. I think the concept of social media is more challenging. I think you might watch this one and still be fuzzy on just what social media is. You just have to use it to grock grok it.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dr. T. Everett Mobley for catching my misspelling of grok. I had to work hard to remember the "c" in "Barack" and it just slipped in. What would I do without you, Doc?

One thought on “Social Media in Plain English

  1. I know spelling is not your strong suit. Grok may rhyme with crock, but Heinlein didn’t spell it with a “c” in “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Who cares? Children of the sixties, that’s who.

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