Missouri Department of Transportation is YouTube’ing.

MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) has new videos about highway and bridge projects, highway safety and other projects on YouTube.

  • A flyover animation of the future landmark Mississippi River Bridge – St. Louis
  • Footage of the rapid construction of the Jefferson Street Overpass – Jefferson City
  • MoDOT Saving Lives and Reducing Injuries – A synopsis of MoDOT and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety’s initiatives to reduce fatalities and injuries on Missouri roads.

There are also several other MoDOT videos available, showing how dedicated truck lanes would work, dramatic footage of the Route 19 Missouri River Bridge demolition, guard cable crash tests and an aerial view of the ongoing construction on the new Interstate 64 in St. Louis.

During the early days of YouTube, I hear the clueless ask, “Who wants to watch some guy doing the chicken dance? What a waste of time!” They couldn’t (can’t) see that, in time, even big old state agencies like DOT would figure out creative uses for the technology.

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