Last week I posted that I had decided to avoid discussing politics. In the next paragraph, I said that I would continue to post on political topics, I just wouldn’t be having pointless –often strained– debates with friends.

As if to confirm my decision, I quickly heard from a couple of readers who observed, “THAT didn’t take long!” …referring to my next post dealing with politics. And they were miffed that I sometimes turn off comments on a post. It’s not that I don’t care what you have to say, I’d just rather read it on your blog.

And while I haven’t entirely eliminated politics from, I try to put most of that stuff on Politix. Again, it’s a journal… not a debate or even a conversation. I suggest Fox or MSNBC for that stuff.

One final point. The company I work for owns a number of news networks, in several states, but I have no editorial input or oversight for those newsrooms. I help with maintenance of their websites but that’s it. Nobody reports to me, I am a staff of one.

UPDATE: I killed the politix blog because I got tired of hearing myself.