Cheaper than a contribution


My friend Jeff couldn’t make it to the Obama fund raiser but got caught up in my Child of the Sixties meme and decided to Photoshop himself an "Obama and Me" pic. Which made me realize I didn’t have to be satisfied with my somewhat startled expression. The caption almost writes itself.


If I had it to do over, I think I would have added a touch of "street" to my ensemble.


And if I’m going to doctor the photo, why not turn back the clock a few years?


8 thoughts on “Cheaper than a contribution

  1. Ha, this post made me laugh! Hey Steve, I enjoy reading your blog. I’m trying to get Becca and Richard to regularly read it.

  2. Hey you’ve got the wrong name on my previous comment. I did not even notice the darker thing.
    By the way, who is the dude posing with Tony Blair in the last photo?

  3. Retro-Mays (aka “Inspector” Mays) would fit right in with those Secret Service guys.

  4. So, is it just the lighting that is making Obama look so black, or are you really just so exceptionally pale that you are making him look darker than usual?

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