Anybody who tells you they don’t check their blog stats is lying. I look for the same reason you look in a wastebasket when you hear a noise coming from it.


I moved from Blogger to Typepad about 5 years ago and it has a little stats page. The metric I find most interesting is Average Page Views per Day. One hundred page views could be ten people looking at ten pages or one hundred people looking at one page. But I sort of figure most folks look at the home page for anything new and move on. Page Views = Unique Visitors.


For the last few years I’ve hovered around 299 PV per day. Always close to 300, but never quite there. Until today. No idea if this number will hold but it’s something of a relief to –even for a few hours– reach that number.

And now that I have, I’m going to try to think of you as those extremely gay, semi-animated Spartans in the movie "300."

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