The Heartwarming Story of a Boy and his Digital Camera

My blogging buddy Chuck spent a couple of days this week covering an ag event in D.C. I followed him on Twitter and his blog. Chuck and his wife Cindy make a nice living doing event blogging and podcasting. But they work their asses off. Here’s some of Chuck’s output this week:

  • 370 digital photos, 215 of them loaded into 2 Flickr sets
  • 15 audio interviews/press conference recordings
  • 2 live video/audio streamed press conferences
  • 1 YouTube video
  • posting/udpating on 5 different blogs
  • 1 recorded/edited podcast
  • 2 client site media production training sessions
  • 12 mobile service story updates

Like most bloggers, Chuck is happy to help newbies and will tell anyone how he makes his magic. But only the few, the brave, are willing to work this hard.

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