Shredded memories


My friend David, who lives in southwest Missouri, found some… I hate to call them scraps or debris… shredded memories from the weekend tornadoes that hammered parts of four states.

He posted them to his blog in hopes someone might recognize the photo and help get (what’s left of) it back to the owner.

Regular readers of this blog know I loves my photos and I keep iPhoto backed up nightly. And I take great comfort in having many of them on flicker or embedded in a post here.

If you have a shoe box full of photos but lack the time, tools or patience to scan them… send them off to one of the many services that will do it for you. I’d add: then hire a high school kid to put them up on flickr, but a lot of folks are just not comfortable with that. But it give me great comfort knowing mine are safely floating in cyberspace.

When the time comes, I’m going to figure out a way to see that they stay up (out?) there after I’m gone.

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