flickr’ing and ‘tubing Obama and Clinton

Senator Hillary Clinton has been complaining (whining?) that she is not being treated fairly by The Media. I won’t argue that point because "media" probably means something different to me than to her.


But I was fascinated by the results of flickr searches for "Hillary Clinton" and "Barack Obama." Rather than try to characterize the two here, I’ll let you browse at your leisure and draw your own conclusions. And I’m open to the possibility my perception is colored by my support for Obama.

I suppose Senator Clinton could argue that she is not being treated fairly by "flickr users" since her core constituencies seem to be white women over 50 and less-affluent, less-educated white people living in Appalachia. Not heavy flickr users, one might suppose.

But I’m not sure how one could argue that the future does not belong to the Internet generation(s). And I recently hit 60 so I don’t think that’s ageism.

What’s my point? This just underscores the idea that Obama represents the future and, yes, change. McCain and Clinton… the past. Things as they have been.

PS: I just did the same searches on YouTube and the difference is even more pronounced. ObamaClinton.

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