Brush with Near Greatness: Juli Crockett

It never ceases to amaze me how many of the people I mention here find my humble little notes and get in touch. I could mention a few but it would be the worst kind of name dropping. Okay, I’ll mention one.

A week or so back I gushed about the song Fuck ’em All by the Evangenitals and how I had searched (unsuccessfully) for the lyrics. Well, guess who left a little comment love:

“I’ll tell you what…  I’m going to add Fuck ’em All to the Evangenitals website, and I’ll put the lyrics up there just for you. :-) Give me a few days, and as you wish, so it shall be. Thanks for finding us, for listening, and for hearing.”

Love, Rev Juli Crockett (lead singer/songwriter) – The Evangenitals

Like the lady in the DirecTV commercial (the redhead with the big ass) says, “How cool is that?”

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