The Evangenitals

EvangenitalsI can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this band before. Hopefully, I’m the last one to discover The Evangenitals “…once a fictitious band – a fib on a phony website born to amuse its founders and maybe a few friends. On a whim, Juli Crockett, Lisa Dee, and Brett Lyda – who all worked at the same sex toy company in L.A. (like the Sex Pistols) – brought the ghost to life and debuted a handful of “hillbilly truck-stop lullabies.”

Somewhere I stumbled across one of the songs from their latest CD (“Everlovin'”). A haunting ballad/anthem titled “Fuck ’em All.”

I’ve looked high and low for the lyrics but that’s just as well. You need to hear the song, not read the lyrics. It’s only 99 cents. If you don’t like it, I’ll send you a buck.

PS: This post is number 3,500 here at I normally miss things like this but just happened to notice this one. I promise not to bring this up again until 4,000.

7 thoughts on “The Evangenitals

  1. Thanks Steve. I’m struggling to find written lyrics to fuck em all. it’s a beauftiful song. ideal for the pasicifists out there there that can get can stressed or angry too and want to just to unload.

    Thanks again


  2. I know this is like raising the dead, but i love the fuck em all pace, words and voices. i cant seem to find a link :(
    I have a female friend at work whos having a rough trot lately. Ii’m sure she’d love this. It’d be better to give her a direct link to the song/ site, because you tube.. well its good, but not the same.
    Can u share a link to the song and lyrics on the evangenitals site please?

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