Tarzan the Ape Man (Pygmy scene)

When I came home for lunch yesterday, Barb was watching the Tarzan the Ape Man (1932). The original Johnny Weissmuller/Maureen O’Sullivan classic. I grew up on Tarzan movies. I came in on the scene where Jane and her father had been captured by pygmies who took them back to the village where they planned to drop them in a pit with a giant ape. This clip runs about 2:50.

If I could rent a time machine for just a few days, I’d go back to the filming of this movie, specifically to those breaks in filming when all the little people were standingĀ  around, waiting for their next scene. Everyone in costume with bones stuck in their pygmy wigs.

“Have you heard about this Wizard of Oz project? Word is they need a bunch of us to play Munchkins.”

“What the fuck is a munchkin?”

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