I’d cheat on my taxes if I knew I wouldn’t get caught

There. I said it.

TaxesGiven what we all know about the waste, corruption, inefficiency and stupidity of the people that run our government… and what we don’t know… a big chunk of what we all pay in taxes every year goes down the shitter or into some politician-turned-lobbyist’s pocket.

Remember the story about the $8.8 billion dollars (360 tons of cash) shipped on palettes to Baghdad? Pissed away, stolen, unaccounted for. My money was on one of those palettes. Along with yours.

You bet I’d cheat on my taxes if I knew I could get away with it. But I wouldn’t think of it as cheating. Because I would do something good (for others) with the money. Yes, I think I can help more people than the nimrods in DC. All I lack is the larceny and the nerve.

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