I am (not) “Howard Beale”

Howard BealeThere. It’s out in the open. I feel better already. I am the political blogger who posts under the pseudonym “Howard Beale.” Because I so passionately believe all the things I write, I can no longer hide behind a curtain of secrecy. I’m out, baby!

I’m still trying to figure out how to work my blogging software so I can start using my real name on my blog posts, so you’ll still see “Howard Beale” for a while. But it’s me, smays.com.

And I call on my fellow phantom bloggers to pull off their masks and take ownership of their words. Trust me,  you’ll feel better.

UPDATE: Okay, joke’s over. Even my closest friends didn’t spot this as a hoax. That’s scary. This ridiculous post (and photo) should be obvious as a spoof. Looks like the real “Howard Beale” is safe for now.

6 thoughts on “I am (not) “Howard Beale”

  1. The orange mask was scary, but when you took it off, Shrieks of terror from this reader. I wonder if we are related?

    Fanny May.

  2. Had the orange ski mask for years. Looked all over town for a classic black terrorist ski mask but they’re out of season. Had to make do with the orange one.

  3. Now . . . did you go buy that ski mask (cause I’d be surprised if you had an orange ski mask in you closet) specifically for this little joke? Because if you did, not only does it make this whole masquerade more funny, it shows how dedicated of a “real name blogger” you really are.

  4. In WordPress there’s a users tab in the dash board. The users tab contains all my personal information. Among the info is a drop down type menu titled “Display name publicly as” and I can change it based on the information I have in my “username,” “firstname” and “nickname” fields. Not sure if Typepad is set up the same way. But, this might provide you with a start.
    P.S. is it okay to identify myself with just my first name or does etiquette require a surname as well?

  5. Where do you find time for all this blogging? You’re a blogging machine…. a liberal one, but a machine none the less.

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