How long to lose your blog readers?

The J-Walk Blog is very popular. For all the usual reasons. He writes well about interesting stuff and he posts every day. Usually several times a day. John Walkenbach (Mr. J-Walk) was called away to a meeting and didn’t post for a week. Upon his return, he checked his stats and did a little trending to determine he would lose all of his many readers in 17 days if he stopped posting altogether. One assumes it would take less time for blogs with fewer readers. I wonder how long –if at all- it would take for visitors to return. And why would they?

One thought on “How long to lose your blog readers?

  1. So, how does a blogger start blogging again on the same site and keep his [or her] “cred?” I mean, I’ve quit posting regularly (hmm hmm since December, I know I should be flogged) on mine, but not because I’m disinterested in the medium anymore. Quite frankly I want to post more often and find it more of a way to keep in touch with what is going on with my profession on, not only a national basis, but a globally as well. I think blogging can be very valuable for the industry I’m in (there just aren’t that many people out there, even colleagues of mine, in the fire sprinkler industry that want to blog about it).
    I guess when I get back to it I’ll just have to make a masthead image with a sign that reads “Under New Management!” Everyone will know it’s bullshit but it’s worth a try. eay?

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