How far would you drive to avoid flying?

This morning at 5:05, Seth Godin left his home outside of New York City. At 7:25 am, he was at the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue (for a meeting next door).

“No hassles, no affronts, no work stoppages, no FAA inspections, no surly overworked attendants, no lost items or near arrests or runway tie ups or traffic jams.”

I think he’s making a point about flying. I HATE everything about flying and will drive a long distance to avoid it. How far would you drive. I stuck a little poll thingy on the right side of the page.

4 thoughts on “How far would you drive to avoid flying?

  1. Well I don’t mind flying however…Whenever I go home to Dallas I drive to KC or St. Louis (from Columbia), get there an hour early, park, shuttle to the terminal, fly, and wait for my luggage on the other end. By the time I actually get to my house in Dallas, flying only saves me 2 1/2 hours and that is if everything goes smoothly (which it usually doesn’t).

  2. I live in Springfield Mo and will not drive for more than 5 hours. Have flown from Springfield to Memphis numerous times. I had much rather get to my destination quickly

  3. I’m originally from Montana, but now live in Oklahoma. This summer I drove 3000+ miles round-trip to avoid the extra fare since I went with my girlfriend. A bit different motivation, but I’d gladly do it if airline travel continues to go the way it’s been heading.

  4. I am driving to Rapid City South Dakota this summer so that I don’t have to fly two hops on small 50 seat planes.

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