Cartooning as competitive sport

Dilbert“In a good illustration of how media is becoming ever more conversational and interactive, United Media, “Dilbert’s” syndicate, is revamping, letting the fans take up the cartoonist’s pen and tinker with, and then widely distribute, each strip.

When registered visitors to the new site click on a “mashups” tab, they can alter the text bubbles in each strip’s last panel. Soon, the syndicate says, visitors will be able to author entire strips, alone or collectively, and Mr. Adams himself will spar with fans and comment on the altered work. These new strips can be e-mailed or posted elsewhere on the Web.” [New York Times]

Who gets the new web more than Scott Adams? What a brilliant move. Instead of suing people (like me) who love and “share” his strips, he’s making it easy and even more fun.

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