A blogging case study, close to home

I’m always on the lookout for good (or bad) blogging stories. I found one in our own back yard during the last few days. The story isn’t complicated but I think our corporate blog tells it better than I can. Just read the original post and the comments. It’s all there.

I’m really proud of how our company and our CEO has used the blog to explain a difficult decision, and allow interested parties to tell us how they feel about it. I’ve been thinking about how this would have been handled pre-blog.

We might or might not have put out a news release. This had to do with an unpleasant decision. If the public wanted to tell us how they felt about it, they could write a letter or send an email, to which we might or might not have responded.

Whatever communication took place, it would have been slow and not very public. With a well-established corporate blog, our CEO just put it out there. The reasons for the action we took… comments… and his response to some of those comments.

Not everybody is happy with the outcome but nobody can say we haven’t been open about it. As an employee –and blogger– I’m proud of how this was handled.

Full disclosure: My wife works for a law firm that represents one of the companies mentioned in the post and comments.

2 thoughts on “A blogging case study, close to home

  1. Went to the link, did some reverse direction reading. Sounds like a heartbreaker for just about everyone involved. No one ever said free speech was cost-free, monetarily, circumstantially, or emotionally.

  2. as an avid reader of Grow Learfield (my wife works for Learfield) I must say that Clyde handled the situation with class and tact. Not many CEO’s that would be that open and honest and I must I’m very happy that my wife works there!

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