“Shovelware,” “repurposing” and facing reality

Found an interesting idea at “Teaching Online Journalism“:

“It is time to stop talking about repurposing and instead to start a discussion on how to re-imagine journalism.”

She proposes a radical (but obvious) shift in priorities:

“What some newsrooms (e.g., The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) have done is turn the workflow around — in a way that makes sense when the number of subscribers to the print product is decreasing and the number of online visitors is increasing: Make “Web first” the rule, in all cases. Produce for online, write for online, shoot for online, design for online. And then “repurpose” for the dying media — the print newspaper and the local TV newscast.”

Dying media?! Yikes! I don’t want to be in the staff meeting the first time someone blurts that out.

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