Reading Hillary’s mind

I admit it. The political campaign has been my O.J. trial. I can’t pull myself away. I think I’ve said before that I suspect this will be the last election I get my knickers in a knot over.

I’ve been thinking about the “Tonya Harding” analogy. If Hillary doesn’t make the finals, Obama damn sure isn’t going to.”

I think Senator Clinton and I are the same age: 60. So I’ve been trying to “get inside her head,” as the Quantico profilers say.

Zoltar1“I’m not gonna win the fucking nomination. After all I’ve been through. Barack will beat McCain like a red headed stepchild. And probably get a second term. Eight … long… years. Jesus H. Christ! In 2016 I’ll be 68 years old. Damn, I’m telling you… I will NOT go back to Iowa.

But if I can jam Obama enough for McCain to beat him, I can take Grampa John in four years. Shit, I’ll only be 64.

Bill! Run out to the car and bring me the tire iron. I’ll tell you what to do with it when you get back.”