Marantz PMD620

Maranatzpmd620“Oh, you shouldn’t have!” I shrieked, as I opened yesterday’s birthday present. The only way Barb could have known I wanted the Marantz PMD620 Professional Handheld Field Recorder is… I told her.

I’ve been using the larger PMD660 for a year to two but found that a nice home with Jamie. So far I like almost everything I’ve seen and heard about the 620. The built-in mics are just so-so but I’ll plug in an external mic for most work.

The size is what appealed to me. About the size of a deck of cards. And the display is easier for me to read than with the previous model. Download this short MP3 file if you want to hear what it sounds like. I’m using a Heil PR-20 mic.

3 thoughts on “Marantz PMD620

  1. Hey Steve, Happy Birthday from Belgium. The red shirt says hi too.
    Here’s a quote from Steve Earle that made me chuckle, I think you’ll like it too.
    “It does make a difference to me if it’s Clinton or Obama, but I won’t publicly go on record to say which one I prefer. I’ve learned it probably doesn’t benefit the candidate for me to do that.” – Steve Earle-

  2. I didn’t think a field would make that much noise that one might want to record. Whatever makes you happy !

  3. Looks cool! I use a 660 at work and we just ordered a 620 for my boss. I’m afraid of his transition (maybe attempted transition in the end) from linear audio sourced from Minidiscs to non-linear audio files, but we’ll see.
    The size of the 620 is making me envious…I’m a tad tired of dragging the 660 out onto farms along with photo gear.

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