Coffee Zone Fan Boy

I am not a fun guy (by conventional standards). I usually don’t enjoy a lot of things (beach, skiing, ocean cruise, etc etc) others find enjoyable. But I do have a few things that give me great pleasure. Reading, for example. I can spend an 8 or 10 hours on a weekend reading a good book.

CoffeezonelogoAnd I love my quiet time at the Coffee Zone, a local coffee shop owned and operated by Taisir Yanis. I’ve posted from and about the Zone many times.

This morning I decided the Coffee Zone needed a blog so I whipped one up while slurping Rocket Fuel, the high octane java that makes all other coffee taste like lukewarm Yoo-Hoo.

I’ve got to post his menu and add some pix but this will do for a start. Taisir registered a good domain –– and we’ll get that in place in a day or so.

Taisir knows and likes his customers and they like him. It will be fun to see how we might use his blog to build and serve the community he has created.

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