But wouldn’t that mean I’m too stupid to drive?

Tonight’s mail included a "letter" addressed to Perry S. Mays (Nobody uses my full name). There was no return address. Inside was what appeared to be a newspaper clipping tagged with a yellow Post-It note which read: "Perry: Check this out! (signed) J"

Of course the newspaper "story" is bullshit, although there is nothing in the copy that would clue the clueless on this point.

I wish I could give the dealer –Reagan Hyundai in Jefferson City– the benefit of the doubt. They weren’t trying to snooker their way into unsuspecting homes… it was just a little joke. April Fools Day a week or so early. Gotcha!


But if this shit works, it means there’s some kind of creepy reverse Darwinism at work. In time, only the mentally impaired will be lured onto the lot.

Everything about this is designed to trick someone into reading about about your sale. To fool them. One would almost think the public doesn’t want to hear from you. But why would that be?

2 thoughts on “But wouldn’t that mean I’m too stupid to drive?

  1. I received exactly the same mailing, and I started running through my mind: who is “j”? Which one of my friends thinks I am looking for a car…wait a minute.
    This isn’t a “news story”!…
    I felt exactly the same way, normally I think Reagan does a great job of advertising, but I don’t appreciate them attempting to trick me into reading about their sale.

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