SiteSucker: Great util for backing up your blog

I’ve posted more than 3,000 times since starting this blog in February, 2002. I don’t recall writing anything profound but I’d sure hate to lose it all.

Typepad provides a way to back up your posts but you you only get the text, images and other files can only be backed up manually, one at at time.

George pointed me to a utility called Sitesucker (Mac only) and now I have almost 8,000 files –my entire blog– safely backed up and burned to a DVD that will go in the safe deposit box on Monday.

This is an amazingly simple utility. Enter the url, hit go and it sucks down all your files. And it maintains the file/folder hierarchy.

Not sure how I could ever restore this blog is something happened, but at least I have all the files. That would be some comfort.

2 thoughts on “SiteSucker: Great util for backing up your blog

  1. Oops. You’re right. My apologies. This app is Mac only, I guess. This shows you the extent of my conversion. I only power up my Windows box to keep up with the security updates.

  2. Steve, you forgot to mention that is is an applicaion for you chosen few Mac users and not we below the salt PC users. KP

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