Microtrends vs. Macrotrends

Arianna explains why Obama is winning:

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign model,” David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist told me this morning in Chicago, “is a very tired Washington model: ‘I’ll do these things for you.’ Barack’s model is ‘Let’s do these things together.’ This has been the premise of Barack’s politics all his life, going back to his days as a community organizer. He has really lived and breathed it, which is why it comes across so authentically.

“Of course, the time also has to be right for the man and the moment to come together. And, after all the country has been through over the last seven years, the times are definitely right for the message that the only way to get real change is to activate the American people to demand it.”

“Small is the new big,” (Mark Penn wrote). “Many of the biggest movements in America today are small.”

Except when they are very big, and getting bigger by the day. And you’ve missed them.